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My first LOR Halloween Display


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So this Halloween was my first computerized Halloween display, first time I used home made hardware for one of my displays (except for some repairs / rewiring I did to some old decorations) and my first major LOR display.

The show featured a 64 channel LOR system (32 AC channels, 32 DC channels), 10 rainbow floods built by hand, and 15 rainbow spots built by hand. The show was sequenced to Thriller by Michel Jackson.

I am stile editing the video from the show and editing the day time pics of the display for upload. Unfortunately the fun of college midterms have been keeping me from getting the stuff on line, hopefully it will all be up by next weekend.

But for now here are some pics of the display. I will say I have been rather impressed by the rainbow products. But due to light pollution I know I will need to order more for next year to get some real pop. The colors from the lights are true to how they look in real life, but I will say they don't look as bright in real life (at least not in my display). Note view the full size imges to see full quality, I need a better image resize script for my web site. I took the pictures with a nikon d90 and a tripod to get better colors in the pics at night. Hope you enjoy!











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