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I have a few stastic peices, like a nativity set, I have the X-10 modules.

I would like to turn on the x-10 devices 30 mins before the shows start and end them with the shows. I run the shows from 6 pm to 10 pm.

I have 10 songs each set runs about 35-37 mins.

can any one guide me thru this.


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One option would be this:

(1) Make an animation sequence which contains channels for your X10 devices (and no other channels). Make it about a minute long, and have each channel just be a single minute-long "on" event. Let's call this sequence "x10.las".

(2) Make another animation sequence which only contains one channel, without any channel settings (i.e. just leave it as device type "none", don't set its unit ID and circuit ID and such). Make this sequence a half hour long. Let's call this sequence "pause.las".

(3) Make sure that your "normal" sequences don't contain channels for those X10 devices.

(4) Use the Show Editor to build a show, putting x10.las into the "Background" section and pause.las into the "Startup" section. Put your normal sequences into wherever they would normally go.

(5) Schedule that show to start at 5:30.

So, at 5:30, your background and startup sequences will begin - i.e. your X10 channels will be turned on, and the "pause" sequence will play. Only after the pause sequence finishes - i.e. 6:00 - will the remainder of the show start up.

This plan will not work if you want "real" sequences to be in your background section also, since they would then also start at 5:30. So, if you do want that, please say so, and we'll try another option.

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