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Mixing Dimmable and Non-Dimmable C9 LED


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OK, I am guessing I already know the answer but the cheapskate in me requires that I at least ask. I am 2 lousy, count 'em TWO, bulbs short of what I need for my house and window outline in dimmable C9 LED. I originally bought 250 C9's from CDI during one of the good sales.

Last year during a desperate moment during the Travis debacle, I bought 150 non-dimmable C9 LEDS from 1000 lights, before I completely understood the dimming/non-dimming stuff and LOR. The non-dimmable bulbs are just taking up space and my display is totally dimming.

What would happen if I put a couple of non-dimmable bulbs in a dimming circuit? Instant failure or just shortened life? I can replace the burned out bulbs until the cows come home this year since I have a pretty good supply.

Paul still has plenty of bulbs, but hate to order at this point unless I have to.

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Ha Ha Ha. Forget it everybody I just found out and it wasn't pretty. I had a short string (10) of the non-dimmable bulbs and put them on a rheostat dimmer I built for my radio sign flood lights. Pow!! Instant failure as soon as I turned the dimmer switch up. Now many of them just flicker and a few are so bright that they look like they are going to explode.

Well, crap I just had to find out for myself.

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