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Error skewing track


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I'm having problems trying to skew the timings in my sequence. I have a 14:55 long musical sequence which I'm trying to extend to 14:59. There are 830 channels (most are RGB) and 2 tracks (although track 2 doesn't have anything on it yet). Current filesize is about 28meg.

There are some variations to what happens but mostly after I have updated the media file to the longer one I go to skew the track to the right by 4.00 secs, it processes for a bit, and then I get the following error:

Error Skewing Track
Automation error
The object invoked has disconnected from its clients.

If I then look at the sequence it has successfully skewed most of the channels but then maybe 3/4 of the way down the list you can see where the skew operation stopped and channels from that point on are still 4 secs early.

The application becomes generally unstable at this point and usually a few clicks later it crashes.

However, if I skew the track BEFORE I change the media file things happen differently. The skew operation seems to complete successfully (sometimes - just tried again and it failed), however it is then quite unstable and crashes shortly afterwards. It can't save (comes up with an error, can't remember exact wording, but something like 'would you like to save as a different filename' but when I click yes nothing happens) or change the media file after that.

A couple of other errors I came across when I tried to play the sequence after one of the above errors had appeared were:

Cannot Start Sequence
Cannot allocate memory for play event nodes

and then immediately followed by

Cannot Stop Play
Component 'wmp.dll' or one of its dependencies not correctly
registered: a file is missing or invalid

Otherwise thus far in my sequencing everything has been rock solid.


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Never mind, I fixed it! Had to disable Undo Recording.

That's a lot of commands to remember in case I wanted to hit that Undo button!


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