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Box for CTB16D

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Hi all,

Attempted to use an Orbit's box for a CTB16D controller, and in the process, broke all 3 of the hinge pins on the box. :devil::devil::devil:

So, went to my local homecenter, and found an outdoor loadcenter for about $32, which was comparable to any of the plastic enclosures I've been able to find. It looks like I can easily remove the components in the box, and the box has what looks like 2 1" knockouts and 3 1/2" or 3/4" knockouts, and the box is metal. The box also includes a grounding bar, but it's placement may require that I move it (it's on the left side of the box, and the box is only about 10" wide x 12"-14" tall. Not sure of the depth, but I'll check that tonight.

Anyway, are there any gotcha's to using a box like this for the controllers? I know I need to ground the enclosure, and I'm planning on running a grounding wire connected to the bottom of one of the standoffs (metal standoffs, Radioshack #276-195). I'm planning on using 2 1" entry clamps, which it looks like I can get about 6-7 of the light-o-rama power cords through, plus 2 of the 3/4 entries for 2 more cords each, then 1 more 3/4" entry for the power cord, and the last 3/4 entry for the CAT5.

Aside for the weight of the box, and the need for grounding, are there any other reasons I should stay away from a box like this? I'm planning on attaching it to a piece of plywood, and building a small stand for it like many others have done, and covering it with a plastic bag while it's out.

Thanks in advance!!!

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If your in the $30 range like you say, Save yourself the trouble of modifying
a load center and find a Wiegmann RSC101004RC Outdoor Enclosure.

I found them at Home Depot for $29.99

The holes in the high power heat sink line right up with 2 of the holes
already in the box. All I had to do was drill 2 additional holes.

Heres what it looks like:



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