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Well I finally took the plunge and ordered my first CTB16D Kit about a week ago and the UPS man was kind enough to deliver it today. So now after 3 hours of soldering I have a completed kit. It looks SO nice :smile:. I can't wait until tomorrow afternoon to test it.

This is the first of four 16 channel board I'll be building for this season.

Overall I'm quite impressed with the quality of the kit. I would have to say it is one of, if not the best kit I've built. No missing parts and even a few extra parts. Overall it was an enjoyable build.

I'll post a few pictures later if anyone is interested.

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I tested my board last night and everything works. Now, I'm eagerly awaiting my next overtime check so I can buy a few more. I'm planning on 64 channels for this season.

Now if sequencing was as easy as soldering the kits together, I would have it made.


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