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Need an LOR 80-Channle Halloween Sequence?

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Okay I have uploaded all my LOR 80 Channel Halloween sequences to my Hotmail account for folks that may want them. I know it's a little late in the season for the Halloween sequneces, but you might still be able to work in a few for this year or use them next year for your 2011 Halloween Display.

I have also uploaded many WAV sound effects for Halloween as well.

Feel free to download what you want or need.

Everything can be found at these urls:

LOR 80 Channel Sequences (Sub-directory: LOR Animation Sequences):
Sound Effects (WAV):

Have fun!

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boborino wrote:

I had an issue with the sound wave link, but was able to just go up one directory and find them.

I don't know why that happens, but it even happens to me when I try to access any one of them at times. But I usually have to wait a couple minutes and then try again to get in. I think it's the MSN Hotmail servers that create the issue, but can't swear to that. Just know I even get locked out of my own Hotmail accounts at times and have to do the same thing to get in, wait a few minutes and then it works again. Guessing maybe the servers get bogged down/overloaded sometimes that possibly cause the issue.
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bob wrote:

I have edited the main post in this thread upon the original poster's request.

Thanks again Bob.

If anyone has any questions about my sequences or other issues, please PM me and I'll get back to you as soon as I can!

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