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Software glitch?

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I have a new issue, which might be too complex for the software. I set my sequence timing to the smallest figure, which is 0.01 secs. I took my song file, and ran it through a frequency software with a time line. I scale the time line down to 0.001 seconds.

On the song, which I am using, there is no sound between 0.000 seconds and 0.056 seconds. According the LOR, when I play section 0.00 to 0.04 there is sound. I am above and beyond puzzled.

Do I go with what the LOR Sequence Editor or do I go with a frequency analyzer?

Any ideas? I am assuming its a software glitch with LOR, but I am not going to point figures until I get other feedbackand experience

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LOR uses the Windows Media Player API supplied by Microsoft for playing music and for determining the timing of the music. When you play the selecton of 0.00 seconds until 0.04 seconds, it is possible that by the time the LOR software gets the Window's media player to shutdown it could be an additional few 100s of a second. We never went out of our way to make sure that when you play a selection that we stop the media player within 100s of seconds because it really doesn't matter.

Remember we are using a non-realtime operating system. There may be some minor timing issues in the 100s of seconds range.

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Thanks for the information. After 3 days of going insane in trying to figure out where I was messing up, you brought back my sanity. I was starting to blame the computer, blame my frequency analyzers, and blame myself for lack of knowledge of the software. I started trying different frequency analyzers and I got the same results. I started trying different computers, anything from a 900mhz cpu upto 3.8ghz cpu. I was still receiving the same results. That ruled out the analyzers, the pcs, and I was starting to beat myself up over it and realized, I wasn't doing anything wrong.

So, I had to ask!!

Although, you say the 1/100 of a second isn't a big deal. Unfortunately, I find it a big deal with the technical aspect behind the project, which I am working on. I am currently doing this project to obtain research credit at Montana State University and influence professors the LOR is much better than the boring motorized robot kits and are more usable than the robots. Thats why I am trying to be as down to 1/100 sec. With going that low, you have better control of the lighting effects and music. I am rather used to playing on small levels as well.

Anyways, I am not dogging your work for the software, or hardware. I really love the hardware. Its powerful but yet a simple board design.

Again thanks for everything, who knows I might be able to have that software pulled out and better fitted for that 1/100 or 1/1000 of a second by some of the CS students on campus.

Thanks a bunch,


PS... I do realize this product is designed for the less advance and less complex people out there...lol

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