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Show-n-Tell vs LOR forums

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Hi, Someone suggested to me that some of the videos recently posted are a better fit for Show-n-Tell... I think that if you are posting your work for the sake of showing things that you have accomplished and are proud, then Show-n-Tell is a better place because more people will see it...

As the season approaches and posting starts to pick up, I suggest that we make sure that we make sure we use discretion when selecting the most appropriate forum for our posts. That way it will be a little easier to focus on posts with questions and problems. Every year more LOR users pop into existence and many of them will be "opening the box" at the last minute... They are going to need our help!

Many thanks and please do not hesitate to post here in LOR. We are not looking for perfection when choosing forums! For example: If you have a wire frame mounting question then it may be best posted in the wire frame forum...If you need to understand how to animate a wire frame with LOR then this is a good place to post the question...... You get my drift... :)

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