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Guest Don Gillespie

Noel wrote:

Hi all

well i have tryed to down load some of the files but can't seam to get them to work ???

i new to this and was woundering if i could get some help

thanks noel

Noel what is it you are trying to down load I am assuming it is sequences if thats the case save them to your desk top once you have them saved open up your documents and then open up LOR file then open the sequence file move the file that is on your desktop to your LOR file, do the same for the audio file only put it in the LOR audio file once you have that done you should be able to see everything in your sequence editor if this is not what you are trying to down load I can't help you
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Also if you are downloading sequences, most, if not all, DO NOT COME with the AUDIO file and you will have to search that out seperately or download it from another source.

For example all my older 64 channel Halloween sequences are on the lightoramasequences.com site, but my audio files ARE NOT with the sequences, so if you load one of my sequence, you will get an error that the audio file can not be found.

You can find the audio files for my sequences here:


So if you've downloaded any of my sequences from the LOR Sequence sharing site, go to the above url to get the sound file for the sequence I created. This way you have the SAME EXACT SOUND FILE that was used in the sequences original creation.

Now if you're downloading something else, you'll need to give us some more details on what exactly you're downloading and what you are trying to do, then someone here can try and help you get whatever the issue is resolved.

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