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Is LOR for me? haunting, lantern flickering, multiple audio channels?

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In your opinions could I get LoR to do realistic lightning effects and randomly flickering lanterns? Whatever I end up with, it needs to be able to support 8 channels of audio. Is it possible to sync the LoR software to CUbase? I suppose the LoR software does not support 8 audio channels, so I won't ask. :)

Thanks for your patience,


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terrypowerz wrote:

Just curious...why 8 channels of audio???

Heya Terry,

I use the channels to place speakers by points of interest in the haunt. In one spot I have a speaker by a ghost that tells a story. I have a coffin with a speaker in it with muffled sounds. I have thunder speakers high up, and cemetery sounds coming from speakers near tombstones.

It gives the viewer a pretty convincing experience.

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Hey Rob,

I firmly believe that LOR will support what you are doing with your haunt...but you have to sort of understand how we sequence lights to what we want to occur. I have used lor to controll lightning with flicker on the ground made up of icicle lights and had a red flood pounding out the heart beat on the side of my house with other light chasing, shimmering, and fading using my LOR set up.

John Booker

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