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LOR Hardware Add Sequences - Limitations?

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I am using the latest LOR II software, 2.8.12

Now when trying to enter all 121 of the sequences, basically an empty (1 channel) sequence to play MP3's for my OFF HOURS time, after it imports 102 sequences I get this error on the 103rd seqeunce:

Error with sequence file: Checking Audio File

Subscript out of range

But if I load ONLY the sequences from 103 to 121, all load just fine. I have a total of 121 sequences to load to play music in my off hours, which include voice overs.

And if I try to load each sequence after the 102nd, each sequence also gives the above bolded error message as well. Even if I try to load any sequence after the 102nd, every one will give me the above bolded error message that pops up.

Should I be getting this error, is this a bug in the LOR Hardware software, or is the LOR Hardware software sequence import limited to a specific number of sequences? (I don't recall seeing or reading about any specific number of sequences or limitations in the LOR software suite...did I miss it somewhere?)

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Is this a PC based show, mini director, or MP3 director show? If one of the directors, which show builder are you using?

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I build my shows on an SD card directly in the Hardware Utility software. Mainly because I have better flexability with setting the show run times and other features not available in the simple show builder. I do not use a PC to run my shows. I use the LOR MP3 Showtime Director. And the ShowBuilder is totally useless for the MP3 Showtime Director, no way to create shows on or at a specific times on an SD card in that software (although I don't know why SD capability was not added to the main showbuilde software).

This is the first time I have encountered NOT being able to import ALL my OFF HOURS sequences which run from 7am-5:58pm. In the initial version I started with, believe that was 2.7.6, I could import 200 sequences, again, this is the first time I have encountered this problem of being limited to a specific number of sequences when importing into the add sequence dialogue box.

And like stated, all software is the newest version 2.8.12.

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