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Halloween VIDEO for my 16 Channel Sequece: Warewolves Of London AWESOME!

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Ok, here's my latest new 16 channel sequence from "Werewolves Of London" by Warren Zevon. Hopefully this will cause less controversy than my Monster Mash video last night, with all the talk about which version was the original artist.

Be sure to post your comments or suggestions here on my sequence.

Here's the video, it's a standard Windows Media Video (WMV), 6.6 MB download, should take about 5 seconds before it buffers and starts playing:



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Went to Target today to look for the Pumpkins. Found them but they wanted 29.00 for the large ones and 15 for the smaller ones. I do not have that much in a 750 light 4'mini tree. Guess I will have to wait till they go on sale.

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Small pumkin resolution. I took the candy bucket pumkins from wal mart and put a box of red mini's for this years x-mas. I have a wall of 100 boxes diff colors from sales last year. So i put them in the pumkins with the twisty ties still on them and just pulled the power cord so its longer. Now its neat and not tangled and i can just pull them out and use them for x-mas. Red looks better than white, Its a deeper orange glow, with little over glow. I think they look awesome when there all together. Thanks Jeff, you got me to do halloween. Jordan

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Brilliant Idea! Those trick or treat plastic pumkin pails in your photos are a lot more common and you can't beat the price! You should be using 12 of them though, if you plan to use my sequence, as it assumes a ring of 12 pumkins.

THe rubber pumkins in my video I got were normally $8, and I bought them the day after halloween for $4. I noticed some people spotted the large $25 hard plastic shell pumkins at Target, be careful if those are the hard plastic that looks like ceramic on the outside.

Here's Why:

Those hard opaque plastic pumkins at Target do not glow like the rubber ones do, because they are opaque and will look like a real pumkin, with only light coming out the eyes and mouth. These don't look so hot. They are fine if you want to imitate a large pumkin, but they do not glow all orange like the semi transluscent rubber pumkins that I have will do for you.

So either use Jordan's solution and get the thin plastic pumkins used for trick or treating, OR, if you can find the swquuzable rubber ones like I got, then get those.

Most of the Targets I visited last week seem to have more of the green and purple rubberized pumkins, and not so many of the medium sized $8 pumkins.

BTW, Target has a new really cool fogging gravestone that operates off water. Just picked one up but have not tested it yet.

I also picked up a new set of awesome ColorWAve LEDs yesterday from Lowes, they fade from yellow to blue and back again. $15. Awesome dudes!

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