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building a channel config


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I have been planning my channel layout using excel and moving display elements between controllers in order to optimize my physical layout. Is there any way to take the data from excel and build my initial channel property grid? I'm probably going to have around 180 active channels this year.

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Maybe.... I built mine completely outside SE too.

A simple channel line in a config file looks like this.

If your spreadsheet has a column for each of these it can be done using a formula in excel.


="<" & $A$1 & "=""" & A2 & """ " & B$1 & "=""" & B2 & """" & " " & $C$1 & "=""" & C2 & """ " & $D$1 & "=""" & D2 & """ " & $E$1 & "=""" & E2 & """ " & $F$1 & "=""" & F2 & """/>"

You will have to add the top and bottom sections to complete the XML file.

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Sorry I didnt notice this was your first year.
I am happy to help you on this advanced topic. If you get stuck, PM me and I will help or create it for you.

Each and every sequence has the channel config within it. You can pull it out using export and save it to any file name you want. You can also replace the channel config inside a sequence by using import and selecting a valid channel config file name. Normally when you upgrade the channels on one of your sequences, you export/save it, then import that file into your other sequences so they are all the same.

A minimal config looks like this. Normally there are tracks and animations here too. But you dont need them for your initial import.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?>

your generated channel lines here.

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