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RGB channels... major amounts of bugs?


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I just am curious if others playing around with rgb channels are seeing major short comings and bugs in the rgb channels. Like easy quick picking of colors for a cell, weird things with the rgb fade not only going in one cell but doing through the whole sequence unless more than one channel and or time is selected, sometimes a fade will not show up unless more than one cell or time is picked, inverted fades.. ie one that should be blue to red.. instead when put into the cell is red to blue? Am I crazy or is there more bugs in the rgb than my bug zapper is killing by the hour ?
I think there is more quirks than those listed but those are simply the ones annoying me while I attempt to sequence.

Edit by Admin:

As far as we know there are not bugs in the RGB implementation. There are certainly features that we will be adding.

Perhaps the biggest shortcoming is that we do not have a tutorial available to demonstrate how the RGB Color Fade tool works. It does things like change the direction of the color morph based on the direction the mouse moves, and fills colors automatically...

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There are many things that the RGB can do. I think that is the reason some things aren't 100% like most people think.

I've found that saved tools and clipboards are a great time saver. Create the fade/effect once, and then save the tool. It will always be there for you to use.

When doing a color fade with RGB, I've noticed that if you simply click in a single cell, it will do the "Fill" function. However, if you move in either direction, even just a bit, as you click, it will then do the fade in the direction you've chosen for that cell only.
Single Click = Fill tool (Single cell only.)
Click/Drag = Color Fade in the direction you are going.

I suspect this has to do with how the fades are created. If software didn't respond to a direction of the mouse to choose your fade, you'd have to go back to the color fade tool, and change the colors. While I'm not a mouse guy, (mostly keyboard) I've found the selection of fades using the mouse to be a time saver.

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Thank you Don,

That click and drag just a little works wonders.. I'm still curious on the click without moving at all in a single cell how the program decides to fill the entire channel all the way to the end of the sequence one time, or it will fill till the next filled cell. Its like the program now has A.I. Maybe soon we'll get that auto complete of a song sequenced just how we want to see it just by picking a song and assigning channels :)

One other quirk I've noticed is sometimes the sequence editor will simply loop a couple cells on playback with the space bar even though the whole song is selected to play

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The "Fill" command fills the space between the two used cells on either end of the space you are clicking on. The Help file has a graphical example; but if the one to your left is a fade up, and the one to your right is a fade down, the fill will so an "on" for the space in between. If there is nothing to your right, it simply goes to the end of the sequence.

The space bar, when used to play the sequence, doesn't look at the "Play range" section. It simply plays from your current location, and goes forward. If you've selected a range of cells to play (by click/dragging in the yellow timing bar) the space bar will play that section only, regardless of where you are in the sequence.

In other words, the space bar plays the sequence differently than the play button.

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Double check your channels in the sequencer editor to make sure you don't have any double channels. I had similar symptoms until I discovered that I had one of my mini trees and red in one of my RGB sticks was programed with the same channel number. I think this happened because I was adapting last years songs to this years rgb software. Just a thought...

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