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Terry Hurrle

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Terry Hurrle wrote:

Can some one explain a little about the intensity tool settings and intensity tool options. I am not finding much about them and how they are used.

With the intensity tool you can go from 100% intensity (brightness) to 10% or less thanks to the edit tool that is with the intensity settings. You can even fade down from any set intensity by pushing the fade up or down button and adjusting the fade up and down rate. The edit tool in the fade button at the end helps there too.

Twinkle, Shimmer too can be set at various intensity and fade by pushing that yellow star button & then pushing the fade down or up button that is in the same tool package.

By the way any cell you touch gets a shimmer or a Twinkle etc once you push that yellow star so make sure you click the "select " tool back on.

Use the edit tool in the fade down to go lower than 25%. Use the edit tool to make a 15% intensity if you want.

For fun and learning just try out these buttons on a tool bar on a sequence you do not care about. You learn fast that way.
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