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Shimmering ground cover effect?

Randy R

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I'm finally getting ready to put my LOR 16-ch controller to use, with the idea of using it to provide supplemental lighting for a laser light show I'm working on.

The effect I'm looking for is some sort of "shimmering" ground cover, using LOR to represent lights reflecting off a snow bank on a bright winter night - or something like that! The intent would be to use that in front of and below the primary laser display area.

Being new to using LOR, and with the desired effect in mind -

  • What would be the best type of lights to use - individual strings of lights, or "net lights" designed for shrubbery?
  • What type of LOR programming would be needed for such an effect?
  • Given the complexity of the laser system, the laser controller package is going to be the master controller for the show. This system can send both DMX and MIDI cues. Is there any way to trigger custom LOR sequences using an external DMX or MIDI signal?

Thanks in advance!


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I dont know exactly what you are looking for - but I think I would use C-9 style strobe lights - like this kit : http://www.wowlights.com/ProductDetail.asp?Category=14&Product=184

I wouldnt even use a controller IF that was the only effect you wanted - probably cheaper and easier to throw those C'9 strobes on a 2 or 4 channel DMX pack - expecially if your laser is DMX. I dont have a link, but I think I have seen a 2 ch or 4ch dmx pack for 50.00

Of course if you allready own the LOR unit... might as well use it.

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Thanks for the quick response!

What I have in mind is trying to simulate the twinkling, sparkling effect the you might see on a snow drift on a clear, moon & star-filled night - if that makes sense! I think what I need would require several strings of overlapping lights spread across the "ground" in front of the viewing area, but I'm certainly open to suggestions from anyone who may have tried to setup a similar effect.

My laser system uses a software and hardware controller package specifically designed for full color laser systems. As the master controller, in addition to providing ILDA-compliant laser control, it can also output either DMX or MIDI control cues, so I would need to use one of those signals to trigger the LOR sequences.

I think what I want to accomplish is "doable" - I just haven't had the time or place (I'm TDY a lot) to play with the LOR hardware. I already own a LOR 16-channel controller and smart DMX interface, which sadly, have been boxed up, unused, for close to 2 years!! :shock:

A some point in the future - after my days of constant TDY are over - I hope to go for a full-blown lighting display during the holidays. For now, I'll settle with trying to get just this one effect working, so any input would be appreciated! :D

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jbzeus wrote:

How about something like this?  I bought a couple sets for use this year. 



I use these to create the effect I think you're looking for. I overlap two strings with the lights of each string between 2 and 5 feet apart. Don't make straight lines, curve or zigzag. When sequencing I fade from about 25% to 75% and back down repeating for the selected time. I offset the two channels about one third the length of the fade. So I have the first channel fade up from 25% to 75% for 0.75 second then down from 75% to 25% for 0.75 seconds and repete that for how ever long I need. Then I select that entire block of fades, from the first to the last, copy it and paste it into the second channel 0.50 seconds after the first chanel begins.

Of course you'll need to try it to see if you like the look. I've found that depending on how long the fades are and what intincities you use you have to adjust the offset. Sometimes it looks best completely opposite. When one fade is at its low the other is at its high.
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