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changing the size of the timing squares


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can anyone tell me how the change to length of the seq squares in LOR2?

In LOR1 i just drug the sides in or out to get the size i want and that does not work for me in LOR2.

Is LOR2 different or is something not working and if so how do i fix it?

thanks for any help.


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that did not work but i did get it to work by going into timmings..dup to new freeform grid... lable it... select it.. and now i get the double arrow to slide the timing.

is that going to cause other problems?

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There's a relatively new feature, "timing grids". A timing grid is just a collection of timings. You can have many different timing grids in a single sequence, and quickly switch between which one is displayed at any given time (using the dropdown box on the toolbar to the right of the "Timings" button).

There are two types of timing grids: fixed and freeform.

Freeform grids are like timings were in LOR 1 - you can put a timing wherever you want, you can delete timings, you can move timings around, and so on.

Fixed grids are, well, fixed. The timings that are in them are fixed in place. You cannot move them, you cannot delete them, you cannot add to them.

Again, you can have as many timing grids as you want, and you can have both fixed and freeform grids in the same sequence, any number of each.

For more information, please see the following page in the help file:


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