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I'm new at this type of lighting and sequences. i will start with halloween and a couple of seq. this is my first time and i need a test with the lights and music. i will be using 2 lors. with pumpkins and the other lighting. i have download a lot of seq. and music. it seem to be simple when you get it working. now things seem to be a lot more fun.

i be starting my shows for Christmas and I'm already going to expand the lors for next year.

thanks for the help i had from this form. it help alot.

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Starting with Halloween as a "dress rehearsal" is a great idea. That's what I've been doing since I started. I use Halloween as a "low pressure" way to test:

  • The show computer;
  • The LOR network wiring;
  • A few controllers (more are installed for Christmas)
  • Some lights (common to Christmas and Halloween, like the candlesticks);
  • The FM transmitter (I don't put the "Tune Radio" sign up until Christmas);
  • The speakers and amplifier (The speakers are near the house for Halloween);
  • The LOR software setup and configuration

Last year I ran a fog machine at Halloween, which wasn't part of Christmas at all, but the teenager trick-or-treaters said it was "Cool", and "The best Halloween display on the street."

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