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New Sequences! Halloween/Christmas/Other

Robert G.

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Please contact me if there's anything wrong or missing below:

As I posted a while back, I have my own website and it offers many free sequences for download. Includes Chrsitmas/Halloween and more.

Recently I have finished the 32 channel sequence for the Halo Theme Song from the famous Halo videogame. It came out better than expected and was built for the first 8 channels to be on an arch. If you wish, go ahead and edit it to your needs.

Halloween is coming up! I also recently finished the Saw Theme song, 1, 2 Freddy's Coming For You, 2 songs from Midnight Syndicate and some random scary noise sequences (with strobes).

All these sequences are currently free and you must request for the mp3, I don't just hand them out with the sequence. Membership on the site is also free and I'll send out important emails about sequence updates and such so you will always have the latest. I'm certain I'll release a few more sequences before the holidays, so stay tuned.

NOTE: The links to download a sequence off my site directs you to MegaUpload. That is where the files are located so no need to worry about viruses from this site. However, if you downloaded something wrong, it is not my responsibility.

Sharing sequences:

I do have options around the site that allow you to upload your own sequences if you would like to share with over 120+ members. Everything is greatly appreciated.

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