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Bought too much rope light


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I needed 100 feet in 3 different colors, but I could only buy it in a 150ft spool.

So I have 48ft of Red, Green and Blue 1/2" Incandescent. I know 48 feet sounds strange... The rope can be cut, but it must be done in 3ft increments (hence the 48 feet)

Its all brand new.

I can supply power connectors if needed (4.00 each)

Asking 27.00 for each 48 foot piece or 75.00 for all 3.

Not looking to make a profit, just trying to get rid of my extra pieces... I'll consider any fair offer.

Here is a link to what I purchased . The guy sells some shorter pieces thats a bit cheaper, but it cant be cut.

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Might want to think about hanging onto your 'extra'. You may need them. Just sayin...

Edit to add:

Even though I have bought over 1800' (600' LED) from the same supplier, I have only had to replace about 12' of it.

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Just some info on people looking to buy 150' of rope light, 1000bulbs.com sells thier 1/2" rope light(Incandescent) that can be cut every 18" between $57.00-$71.00, just depends on the color

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