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Cheap wire to make extension cords out of


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Recently I found that 1000bulbs.com had the best price I have seen on SPT1. It is green, and $25.78 for 250ft, so I bought 1250 feet, and on top of that shipping was only $17.86, so my total was only $146.76 ($0.117/ft). Shipped on 9/1, due to be delivered from TX on 9/8. Best price I have found for wire, plus best shipping price I have seen too--nice combo.


Traditionally, the best price for SPT2 and SPT1 is Skycraftplus, but they are out of stock (and these pages aren't even shown in their store any longer).

Best price on plugs and light sockets that I found were from Darryl (make sure you compare shipping costs when looking around):
I got 80 plugs and 10 C9 sockets $61.51 (included $9.56 shipping). I also ordered these 9/1, and received them in 3 days.

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