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Music Siequence questions

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  1. Where does LOR store the music files and the music &/or animation siequences?
  2. Must LOR music/siequences be in a "specific file"? If so, what's the directory/subdirectory names? Whats the correct "name.xxx" structure for the files?
  3. Suppose I make a very basic musical siequence that I associate with a particular song. Can I have another musical siequence that uses the same song? (basic for weeknites, gussied up for the weekends)
  4. Suppose I get ambitious and want to change ALL the animation siequences next year, or I want to have several versions of an animation siequence. (ie Jinglebells-2006; jinglebells-2007 etc)


Kathy Byrd

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In the LOR directory:

c:program fileslightorama

There are folders called



Mp3show (if you bought the MP3 card)

When you make MP3 files out of your songs off cd, it's best to move them to this audio folder in the LOR directory. One other good reason for doing this is if you download or trade sequences from other people online, most other sequences assume your MP3 file is in the audio folder. When you download a sequence from somone keep in mind YOU DO NOT HAVE THE AUDIO FILE, only a sequence. So you must get the MP3 file yourself, for example using Musicmatch 10 or higher. Once you have the MP3 file, then move it to audio folder. It will sync perfectly to the sequence you traded, because all programs create the same MP3 file from the CD in the same manner. So your version will match the version of MP3 file used by the person you got your traded sequence from.

All sequences when you save them default to the sequences folder in the LOR directory. SO when you make your musical sequence, it is stored as an .lms file. Your channel configurations, when you export them, are saved as .LCC files.

To make 2 different sequences for the same song, you simply create a new musical sequence file, using the same MP3 audio file. I would expor channels from Sequence #1 first, then import channels into Sequence #2.

When you make a show out of several musical sequences, it gets saved in the sequence folder also, as your-show-name.LSS, if I remember correctly.

If you have an MP3 Ccard, you then use hardware wizard, go to mp3 tab, then add in the show you want to save to the SD card. Then you click on the prepare mp3files button, nd it makes the files in the mp3show folder. Then you copy those files to your SD using file manager on Windows. Then you plug your SD card into the MP3 controller and it controls your lights as soon as you power up.

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Jeff has shed some very good info here. I just wanted to add, if you wanted to file your sequences even further, it's easy to do. I have done this because I do several seasons. Here is how my sequence folder stands.

I have the main folder for sequences originally created by LOR. In that folder I added these folders: "Christmas", "Forth of July", "Halloween" and "Other sequences". When I create a sequence for a particular season, I can save it in the folder for that season. This helps in organization and easy display without having to browes thru all the sequences. If you only have a few, then it wouldn't be a factor but if doing several seasons, I find it very helpful.

As for channel configs, I have changed configs or increased channels a couple times just this past summer so I save all my channel configs just in case. Those I keep in the original lor sequence folder. When sequencing, you won't see them until you want to import or export a channel config or if you just open up the folder.

You can do the same for audio.

Just my thoughts.


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I just wanted to add (some more).

Your sequences and your audio can be anywhere on your computer as long as it's saved correctly for the LOR program to find it - like lms and mp3 or wav.

Sometimes, if starting a new squence, I save the audio on my desktop on the computer. Then I'll save the squence on the desktop as well. I'll do this until it is complete and then send it to which ever folder. This is just an example that you can save LOR stuff anywhere as long as the file extensions are there (lcc, las, lms, lss).

One more thing:



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