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LOR II and Windows Server 2003


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Currently and in the past I have always ran my shows on a Windows XP machine and done my programming on whatever laptop I was currently running, as of late it is Windows 7.

I want to install a Windows 2003 server in my house which would be in the same location as my show pc, so instead of having two pc's in the same location I was thinking of loading the server software on my show pc.

Any thoughts or inputs?

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I have an 03 box lying around... I'll load it up and give it a try, but I'm sure it will run fine. Server 2003 is based on the same core components as XP, LOR is only making calls to serial ports, and that part of the OS is the same between xP and 03.

The only time I even forsee a TINY chance of an issue would be Server graphics chipset and the Visualizer - buts its not really the OS, its jsut that most servers have basic onboard graphics, and I think I heard the new viz piece is Direct X

I prefer nVIDIA chipset, but most of the graphics hardware I find in servers tends to be Intel

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