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A Sneak Peek of a few of my Halloween Sequences - Video

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Here are a few videos I took to put on YouTube of my Workroom setup where I do "live tests" of my Halloween (and Christmas) sequences.

Hope you enjoy my first year with LOR (2010) attempts of sequencing for my Halloween Show for 2010. You'll also see the Big Lots wire frames from my other forum posts in these videos as well. However the video doesn't do their colors justice on the Orange BOO lights or my Orange Light Coro Arches.

Here's the links to the videos under the song name that was sequenced:

Born To Be Alive: (3 minutes 12 seconds)


Wake The Dead: (3 minutes 4 seconds)


Come Little Children - Edit: (31 seconds)


If anyone wants a copy of my sequences, feel free to ask, be more than happy to send them to anyone that wants them.

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Thanks. Those were all 64 channel, but now in the process of converting them all over to 80 Channels since I ran out of channels before I ran out of decor. LOL

So now I'm doing some re-arranging and some additional tweaking to all my current sequences.

You can now download all my 64 channelsequences at:


To do a search for them:


Enter HALLOWEEN in the search box, this will bring up all the Halloween sequences on the site.

To get the MP3's for my sequences:


There are also some Thunderstorm sound effects (WAV) format here you can snag too.

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