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S2 Version 2.8.10


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Version 2.8.10 of the software has been released. It mostly contains bug fixes for various problems that were noticed in the recent 2.8.* versions.

If you have not yet seen the release notes for the previous versions of 2.8.*, they can be found here:

2.8.6: http://lightorama.mywowbb.com/forum55/22717.html
2.8.8: http://lightorama.mywowbb.com/forum55/22755.html

For the complete change log, please refer to the help file's "What's New" page, which you can see online at:


You can get the installer for the new version from the software download page:


If that page says a version number other than 2.8.10, please try hitting your browser's "refresh" button.

Now, a brief summary of the changes:

  • The Advanced OpenGL Settings dialog: This new dialog can be used as a troubleshooting tool to investigate, and perhaps work around, various strange display issues that happen on infrequent computers. However, this is not recommended; typically, such display problems can be better resolved in other manners, such as by updating your computer's graphics card's drivers.
  • Bug fix: The "Paste from Foreground" option in the Edit menu's "Set Paste Mode" submenu did not have a shortcut key.
  • Bug fix: On some computers, selecting a sequence from the Sequence Editor's Windows menu would cause a portion of the display to continue showing the previous sequence, until something like a refresh was done.
  • Bug fix: When the Chase tool was used with Paste from Foreground turned off, if the chase was done by dragging from bottom left to top right, or vice versa, it wouldn't necessarily correctly overwrite existing effects with off effects.
  • Bug fix: The "+" key is supposed to apply the Repeat tool, but only the "+" key on the standard part of the keyboard was doing so; the "+" key on the numeric keypad was not.
  • Bug fix: When more than one sequence was open in the Sequence Editor, and they were maximized, clicking on the "X" to the right of the menu bar would close the active sequence (as it should), but that sequence's tab would remain open in the row of sequence tabs. Subsequently clicking on that tab, for the closed sequence, would cause the Sequence Editor to crash.
  • Bug fix: Stopping play of a sequence in the Sequence Editor would sometimes cause the column of cells that happened to be at the time of the start of play to become selected.

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