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Seriously? I'm totally impressed.

Joe Noe

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Going on my 5th year of programming lights, the off season enhancements to the software never cease to amaze me. Just getting started for this new year and downloaded the update. Just playing with the software for 5 minutes has me totally impressed.

My favorite feature today?? Glad you asked.... Did a BUNCH of CCR programming last year.....Triples.... 16Red, followed by 16 green, followed by 16 blue, across three ribbons. Figured all that work would be throw away when the RGB version came out.

Found this nifty little "Convert to RGB" feature. Let me assign the R, G, and B, channel for the CCR, and repeat to create 16 RGB channels for that ribbon. Combined the results perfectly...TA-DA!!!

Totally impressed.

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the convert feature is a brilliant addition to the new software and works perfectly for converting CCRs, Fireflis, Rainbow Wall Runners, RGB DMX floods, and just about anything. You can convert just 3 channels into one RGB or up to 150 into one CCR. I taught a brief overview class here in Kyle Tx last weekend and went over the RGB stuff for about an hour. Very powerful tools and features.

Once you get the hang of using the 'recent tools' your sequencing will fly compared to what it took in the past.

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