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Using the clipboards

Gerald Rosemary Corey

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I have read the S2 help page and still am not sure how to use the clipboards. I was able to give it a title, and thought I had put something on it, but don't know how to get it from the clipboard and paste it into another spot in the sequence. I guess what that is the intent of multiple clipboards, but need to know more about their use. Can I see a visual of what is on it? What happens if you don't want that item any more? Appreciate any help! Thanks


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The intent of multiple clipboards is to allow you to paste different effects into your sequence. The upside here is this, if done right, you only have to copy/cut the effect once.

First be sure that Clipboard #1 is selected. Then highlight a group of cells and CTRL-C to copy them to the clipboard. Now, right click on the Clipboard #1 text and 'lock' the clipboard. This effect is now saved in the clipboard and can be used again in the sequence.

Suppose, then, you want to save this clipboard. Right Click on the clipboard and "save clipboard." This clipboard will now load every time you open the sequence editor.

To use a previously saved effect in a clipboard, simply select the clipboard and then CTRL-V. You need not have CTRL-C'd anything before hand. In fact, if you have CTRL-C'd something first, then chosen the saved clipboard, your 'paste' will be that of the clipboard.

Unwanted clipboards can be deleted from your "Clipboard" directory. This is directory is located with your Audio and Sequences directory.

There is not a visualizer for the saved clipboards. It would be advisable to give the clipboards and descriptive name.

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