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Rainbow Flood Adapter


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I have mentioned this before, but now I wanted to let everyone know they are now available. I have teamed up with David from HolidayCoro.com to come up with some sort of enclosure for the Rainbow Floods. He told me what everyone else has been telling me...a fully waterproof, custom enclosure is extremely expensive to make. He came up with this idea of making an adapter that allows you to fit the Rainbow Flood, with all its jacks, inside an enclosure that is commercially available. I have had this adapter for a few days now and have been running lots of tests. It does not heat up, is non-conductive and works out great with the flood.

For those of you that already purchased your floods, you can order the adapter for just $5.00 in the store under the Accessories section. However, for those of you that have not purchased you floods yet, there is a new "Combo" section in the store. We are going to be creating a lot of Combos with our products in the coming months. We are starting off with the floods and adapters. Of course you still have the DIY version of the light as well as the assembled version. All you will need to do is purchase the enclosure from Lowe's (information provided on the site) and attach the light to the adapter, than place it in the enclosure...it is that easy. I will be working on the manuals this weekend (hopefully) and will get them posted as well.

Also, these are in stock and ready to ship!


As always, if anyone has any questions, please let me know. greg@christmasonmanor.com

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