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For thos ewho don't know who I am, I run a small sequencing business that creates custom LOR sequences for folks who are challenged in this department or just don't have the time. I've also created a few sample sequences for people to build on. www.Lightertainment.com

I also have several tutorials with sequencing tips and tricks. These are currently in works to reflect the new features of LOR 2.8.x, but most of the info is still the same and shows many effects you can create and work with. My best selling item is a set of 50+ leaping arch samples.

There is also a facebook fan page http://www.facebook.com/pages/Kyle-TX/Lightertainment/95490668149?ref=ts where I post various tips and tricks on occasion, but also give away something each month. Join my facebook page to get entered in the August give away.

Thanks for your time and I hope to see more of you joining my facebook.

-Philip Pyle (Lightertainment)

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