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:waycool: HEY! I DID IT! AFTER BOTHERING A COUPLE OF OUR MODERATORS TO DEATH AND DARRYL BROWN AS WELL..........i finally figured out my problem! i have the small transmitter fromChristmass light show and couldnt get good reception but what i did was went to radio shack and bought apowereddFMm antenna (mine was 21$ and then bought an adapter to go from a cable out to a 1/8 stereo jack then ran the "y"plug off the transmitter with one side going downThroughu the floor to thePCc in the basement and the other to the antenna.(the transmitter is upstairs in the bedroom of a ranch home) i the put the antenna in the window and plugged it in then cranked up the power knob on the antenna and wala!!!! workedawesomee!!! yea i know for the money i could of had aRamseyy but i already had this one. thanks to all in the past for your help! now, do i still have time to synchronize any lights to the music????? i guess we will see!



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