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Today I was registering my basic plus software on my pc in my basement. When I called the lor number the demo version says to call to register offline, the phone rang for about two minutes then I was connected with someone. They had me read the registration key, then the offline number. They said that there was a problem with one of my numbers and that they had to switch to a different computer so they would call ms back in 30 minutes. This was fine because I just continued sequencing. They called back and was very apologetic that it took so long, then they told me that they were swamped and they were the only representative there today. They told me that the e-mailed me with a new registration key and they said to type it in the registration box and to e-mail the offline registration key that showed up to support@light-o-rama.com. I emailed the code, and kept checking my email for the new offline code they were going to give me, but it never came. I waited 2 hours and still no e-mail. I know that the offices are closed now, bit will I get the email tomorrow? Is this normal? This is my first light-o-rama purchase so I don't know how this whole thing works yet. I was trying to make this a fast process but I guess it's not. Thanks for any help.

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LightORamaDan wrote:

Not the norm... We had two out of three people who handle the phones out today.  If you have not heard back from then yet, please email that info directly to me at:




I received an email a little while ago and now everything works great! Thank you for your concern though. Now I just have to wait for my order to arrive:)
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