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Twinkle and Shimmer

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I was womdering if anyone has any videos of twinkles and shimmers? as on my editor/visualiser it looks like a strobe when i do shimmer, has anyone got a video of there display using twinkle and shimmer?

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I don't have a video (although I am sure someone will post one)

If you are using regular bulbs they look less strobe-like due the the lag time of heating the filiment of the bulb.
And of course twinkle is a random flashing of channels, whereas shimmer is all channels in sync (and faster)
I have heard that with LEDS the effect is a bit more strobelike...

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Watch the mini-trees at 2:36. You'll see them alternate between both shimmer and twinkle. http://lorsequences.com/av/video/GodRestVideo_high.wma

Shimmer--The super fast blinking you see starting at 2:36. All things you shimmer will shimmer together.

Twinkle--The twinkling effect you get at 2:45-2:49. All things you twinkle will turn on and off quickly at random times.

For a better understanding and comparison, you can check out the LOR animation video and download this sequence at http://lorsequences.com/component/option,com_remository/Itemid,35/func,fileinfo/id,23/


This is Don's display, not mine. You can visit his site at http://wonderlandchristmas.com and view more of his videos at http://www.wonderlandchristmas.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=blogcategory&id=24&Itemid=73

*edit* Grammar fix.

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