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RGB 3 of each color MR16 boards


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Everyone it best that I start a new Topic and not highjack the Rainbow Floods...ASSEMBLED!! Topic :Dthere lot of Great info going on..

I been using the four RGB,as well as 3 of each color MR16 boards from http://www.pcboard.ca , I am doing a test with one of 3 of each color MR16 boards, I am using the 100ma 140° LED look like a 35W halogen output.:cool: but I need to some troubleshooting as all the LEDs are on :)..

update: I had to remove two jumper which was tying all three Ch together. :?

for some that may not know I use these lights as part of my Landscaping lighting using two CMB16D and a Director Card with MP3 Player for the non-holidays then for holidays i just unplug the Director Card and hook-up my data line network :-)
My Main gold on using this boards that I can use the MR16 flood light fixtures

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J_Plak wrote:

can you tell me more about this $6 DMX adapter

hbomb341 wrote:
You could EASILY use and add a 12v DC $6 DMX adapter to this for control. With LOR you will need the iDMX negating the savings.

There is a GIANT discussion in this thread (http://diylightanimation.com/index.php?topic=2842.0 Device is here: http://www.aliexpress.com/product-fm/307297826-DMX-512-Module-decoder-DC12V-input-P-N-LN-DMXMODEL-3CH-12V-wholesalers.html) but it is a VERY small DC DMX controller it runs about $6 from China + Shipping (this is the kicker) but you set the start ID on the unit and the units come in 5,6,12,24 volts. Takes DMX & Power and puts out 3 channels controlled by DMX. Great for objects like RGB Floods, LED Strips, or small display items - but cool to integrate the controller right into the device.

David Moore (of http://HolidayCoro.com) use's them in his CoroNorthStar and CoroStar's - he is the one who turned me onto them

I am going to be placing a order of them and 5050 LED strips very soon if anyone is interested (No Order to small) it helps to knock down on the shipping the larger the order it.

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