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Yet Another Question...Can you tell I have begun Sequencing again?


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What I am wanting to do:

I have split my Channel Configuration into logical (at least for me) tracks:

1) Mini Trees
2) Mega Tree
3) Weber Tree
4) Arches

and etc...

Well, for one song I may want my Mega Tree Track Channels sorted one way and then for another song(s) sorted a different way...to make sequencing a particular song easier.

So does anyone know if you can import the Channel Configuration into a single Track?

Let's say I have 10 tracks and I want to import my "Mega Tree Channel Configuration Sorted By Color" into Track 4...can it be done?

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To the best of my knowledge, at this time you can't easily do what you're asking. Importing a channel configuration is pretty much a global event in that it overwrites whatever configuration you already had before importing. What you can do is start from scratch and create a second configuration with your tracks/channels arranged as wanted and then when you create a new sequence you can begin with whichever configuration you want for that particular sequence.

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Jim I believe this will work. I have used this method previously as my channel count grows. Here is the thread and thanks to Steven for this.

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