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Problem installing USB485B(resolved)

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I thought that this was asked and answered but I sure can't seem to find it here or on the Lorwiki.
I followed the instructions in the RS485 manual and also looked on LOR's website in the support section and found no additional info nor any drivers for this device.

I am running WinXP service pack2

I put the cd that came with the USB485B into my cd drive and can view all of the files on it w/o problems.
I plugged the USB cable into the USB485B and then into my machine.
My machine found the device and prompted me for the drivers as outlined in the manual. Here's where the problem is:

I followed steps 1 through 3C and it fails stating that:
"There was a problem installing the hardware"
"USB Serial Port"
"An error occurred during the installation of the device"
"The system cannot find the specified file"

I have tried the cd in two different drives and get the same error.
I also copied the new hardware utility from the cd into my light-o-rama directory.

Any ideas? I have never had a problem with any other USB device on this machine.
It has 8 USB ports, 4 of which are in use.

Thanks in advance,

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If Dan's idea doesn't work, you could try my guess. In step 3c, did you unselect "search removable media"; select "include the location.." and then browse to the winxp path on the CD (e:winxp_2000" or whatever drive)?

I was able to install the USB485B yesterday on XP without problems. But, I almost didn't select the steps correctly as show in 3c.


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Thanks Dan/Margie. I think I'm in business. I went to www.ftdichip.com
downloaded and installed this vcp drivers for winxp, ran the install and viola!

Thanks for you help!

LightORama wrote:

Not sure what the problem is but try this:

In step 3b select: "Install the software automatically(recommended)"

Then if it finds it you can skip step 3c

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