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PROBLEM: Sequence Editor jumps ahead 5-10 seconds when you click on a cell

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I'm using version 1.5.0 of the sequence editor. I have been working on this MP3 of "Wizards Of Winter" on a 16 channel mode for Halloween. I thinkg for Hallowwen I'm going lite and not using all 64 channels.

I actually think this song is much more appropriate for Halloween than for Xmas!

So I'm editing in toggle mode, and clicking cells here and there to turn them on or off.

PROBLEM: Every once in a while when I click on a cell, the whole scene jumps ahead 5 to seconds, like a quick fast forward slide to the left, putting you about 7 seconds ahead of where you should be, into empty cell land. This is very strange. Sometimes if I click the cell to the left of where it jumps up to, the scene slides back to where it should be. This is very annoying, because I click a cell expecting it to just toggle and instead the software wisks me off through a wormhole in time and puts me 7 seconds later into the sequence where I don't want to be.

I have also seen this in fade mode, and in select mode as well.

Anyone else seeing this?

Could this be a bug in the program?

BTW, This sequence is really coming along nicely, it packs an unbeleivable wallop for only 16 channels. I'll try to get a video for you all to see when it's done.

The simulation on it looks choice, making unprecedented use of rapid fire fades, shimmers, and fine grain dancing to the music. I spent about 10 hours so far on this 3 minute song to fill in all the details so finely.

So I'm heading over to the warehouse today to pick up all my lit pumpkins to try them out. I might replace their C9 bulbs with white LED lamps. Anyone know where to get C9 LED lamps?

ACtion Lighting did not seem to have them in their online catalog.

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I too have had the same problem where the spreadsheet jumps ahead way out of sequence with the same version of software. Nor have I been able to figure out a workaround or fix.

The Zoom Time In/Out and Zoom Channels In/Our seem to exasperate the problem. I had better luck by not adjusting these settings after re-booting the computer.

On the phone, Dan Baldwin said this issue was being addressed in the next release of software. He did not elaborate which version or when.

RE: C9 LEDs - I suggest you call Action Lighting on the phone. There website search engine is very weak. I'll bet (25 cents) they carry these C9s.

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