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Anyone Got ideas for LED spotlight to light my Seven Dwarfs Wooden Yard Art?

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Hey all:

See my photo below from last year. I got these awesome wooden Seven Dwarf Yard art displays that I want to add as channels in the LOR squencer, by way of their being lit up by spotlights, to the beat of the music.

What I want to do is put spotlights on them, maybe small bright white LED spotlights to light them brightly. I don't really want to use dull C7 or C9 bulbs, I really want the energy efficiency of LED lights, plus they are whiter than incandescant bulbs. In the photo from 2005, you can see the C9 lights I had were useless and dull.

These new spotlights that I want to implement would of course dance to the music just like any of the other lights in the display.

Does anyone have any idea what I could use as a solution for the LED type spotlights? Cost is not really an issue for me, so any idea would be considered.

If you cannot see the image, it's stored here on Planet Christmas:


Attached files 66289=4009-Christmas-lights-2005_4-sm_1.jpg

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Not only do I need more lawn, I need more outlets! I just this past December spent $4,000 having new outlets and timers installed in my house, along with a transfer switch for a generator. After Hurricane Wilma last year I vowed never again to go without power. Problem is with my fuse box, they could not bring in additional service from the outside, I'm stuck with 200 amp service, and local code does not allow us to touch the utility mains, FPL would have to do it, for thousands more.

Been planning for my LOR since last year, finally got my boxes yesterday, with the new MP# caontrolle card, tested the controllers today with Hardware Manger, and they work great so far.

I should have some awesome sequences to show you guys in Novemeber when I put my system up. Will be doing some Mannheim Steamroller, TSO, Jon anderson from Yes, some cool Disney ones, and a few other surprises, should be real exciting!

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