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I am workin on getting most of my shows on my laptop and I noticed that my light set-up is different between Christmas and Halloween, specifically channels 8 and 9 are switched. Can I just change them by right clicking on it and then change the channel setting? Will that change how it looks on the sequence editor as well?

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It sounds like you want/need to save each channel configuration.

To do this just:

Open up one of your Halloween Sequences, then

Export/Impost Channel Configuration
Export Channel Configuration

Then name it like "Halloween".

Then repeat opening up one of your Christmas Sequences and name it "Christmas".

Then when you create a new Christmas or Halloween sequence, you just "Import Channel Configuration" (either the Halloween one or the Christmas one) into your new sequence and the channels will be what you need them to be.

But to answer you r specific question, "Yes"...

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