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Best Mega Tree Setup Using One Controller


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Originally I only had 12 channels to use for my 15 foot mega tree so I set it up to be 3 colors and 4 linked strings of each color per segment. This results in 12 strings of light per tree segment. With 4 segments this equals a total of 48 strings of light.

Now I am going to buy another controller in the summer sale and offload the other items on the mega tree controller. So, now I have a full 16 channel controller to use on my mega tree. This does not add a lot but I was thinking of converting the 4 segment tree to 5 segments. Then I would have to decrease the strings of each color per segment to 3. This gives me 9 strings total per segment. With 5 segments this equals a total of 45 strings of light.

So long story short. Should I sacrifice 3 strings of lights, 3 LOR channels, and reduce each segment size to 3 strings instead of 4 in order to gain one more segment on the mega tree?

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Last year I used one controller to control my 20' Megatree, with an over the top design. That is, one channel would control lights on two sides of the tree.

I used 8 channels of four strings for white with channels 1-8 comprising the right side of the tree and continuing around on the left side. 32 strings.

I used 4 channels for red and 4 channels for green, again each channel using four strings. 16 strings of red and 16 strings of green.

This gives a total of 64 strings and I distributed the strings equally around the tree in the following fashion.

1 1 2 2 3 3 4 4 5 5 6 6 7 7 8 8 <- Channels

A B C D A B C D <- Channels (sub. your ch#'s)

This configuration looked full, allowed pretty decent spins in white, and includes the ability to spin either the red or green but obviously in less detail.

Also, easy to program. I'm not sure how easy it would be to program five segments since most songs are in */4 time. Anyway, that's my suggestion. Let me know if I can assist in any other way.


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Ryebread, I had a 5 segment mega last year about 13' tall. I used 1 controller, 12 ch. for the mega, 4 ch. for 8 mini trees. I made 5 segments of 4 strings each of red, 4 of green, 4 of white - each string ran up to the top and back down beside itself, total of 12 strings per segment but looked like 24. (12 X 5 = 60 w/5 strings per ch.) It was a nice full-looking tree. I made up my own extension cord harnesses which worked great. My spins were pretty good too although I was somewhat limited with that setup. I wanted the full look so I was not able to spin one seqment at a time but could spin the whole tree w/1, 2 or all 3 colors, forward & reversed.

Each of my 8 RGWB solid color mini trees used 2 -100 ct. strings per tree w/2 trees on one channel (4 strands) so when I turned on the red, for instance, both red trees lit up at the same time.

I too bought another controller at the Feb. sale and now have 32 channels. I am adding blue lights to my tree this year which will take up all 16 ch. and 8+/- more mini trees or maybe use the 12 snowflakes on the base ring of the mega and see how they will spin around it. Have not decided what to do yet. I will also use the mp3 show director again. I loved how it ran my show.

Anyhow, just wanted to let you know how my 5-segment mega experience went. I have not put up my videos yet but hope to soon.

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Sounds like both of you are going with string counts of 60+ to get that full look. I ordered enough LED's for 48 strings and am now starting to wonder whether the tree will look a bit sparse with 48 strings. I suppose I will find out when I do a test setup in my backyard in a couple months. That should leave me enough time to order more LED's if needed.

Maybe next year I will get another controller and then double the segments to eight.

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