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SPT-2 male end - good price


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I just wanted to post a follow up to my recommendation for any future readers. The link in my orginal post, may have a good price, but as a company they are horrible, actually The sole employee is horrible.

I placed a small order on Monday 4/12 via their web site, a few hours later I get an email from Jeff via his iPhone, stating he is out of the country and can not ship my order until next week, probably Monday or Tuesday.

So I wait over a week, and Tuesday 4/20, I email him again, asking about when my items will ship. No response until late Wednesday 4/21, when he informed me they shipped Tuesday. However when looking at UPS tracking, UPS did not get the package from him until Late Wednesday (4/21) night.

Now another thing that bothers me as a business owner myself, who can't imagine offering a service, and expecting the customer to wait a week +, is this company/person, could have gone above and beyond to try and make it right, by upgrading the shipping, to try and make up for the delay. Something I would have done, but wasn't, so now I have to wait until late next week, almost 3 weeks after I placed the order to get my items.

I will not be doing business with this company in the future, and wanted to cation others, since I recommended them before.


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bwaldrep wrote:

almost 3 weeks after I placed the order to get my items.

Reminds me when I was a kid and ordered things off the back of Cereal boxes...they always stated it would take 4-6 weeks for the item to be delivered.

I think they still have the same guy from 40 years ago writing the text on the Cereal Boxes because they still say 4-6 weeks for delivery!!

How can that be in todays' world??
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4 - 6 weeks.

I have order a salt and pepper shaker from the TV commercial ... it's name is Salty and Pepper.

They said 12 - 16 weeks to ship !!


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