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I just ordered a Cannon Hf-S100 deluxe kit from Amazon 1200.00. It has telephoto and wide angle lenses,8gb card, extra large battery charger,2 tripods,cleaning stuff and lcd lens protection, and a case. Can't wait to try it out. I will ost after I shoot something with it.

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If you are planning on buying anything in the next week, look at Black Friday deals. I bought our HD canon HF10 camcorder last year from Best Buy on Black Friday, and got a real good deal, so look at ads that are already online for those deals.

Looking at the 3 you listed, the first one (Canon) is a flash based, where as the other 2 are Hard drive based.

What I did, when I was shopping was figure out the media (Tape, Flash, Hard drive, etc) I wanted, and then focused on the different models using that media.

There is always a good debate on tape verse digital (Flash or Hard drive), and in the end you need to choose. There are pros, and cons to both

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Good morning

If you plan on downloading to a computer in hd

make the seller prove that it can be accomplished

my canon hv30 will not allow capturing in hd

will capture hd video at standard only

if recorded in standard will not capture at all

that was on two computers one xp and one vista -- windows movie maker

good camera does well video wise - playback to hd tv is great and easy

A local camera shop does not even have equipment to get hd off of tape

hv30 is tape based -- last Christmas when I bought, the hard drive camera units

were having download problems according http://www.hv20.com/ forum

In one year I have twenty minutes of video

Not one of my more intelligent aquisitions -- how many controllers/lights is that

Frank A.:)

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Windows Movie Maker does not support AVCDH. You will need an editor that supports it or, in the alternative, software that will convert to mpeg.

To anyone interested in upgrading to HD video, be advised that you need a computer with a fair amount of horsepower if you plan on editing.

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