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Adding DMX universes makes effects generator so slow

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so I am new to DMX world, I bought a few P10 panes, a BBB with FPP on it and added the universes accordingly so here is my layout

56 p10 panels per window times 2 windows so 112 panels, 3 universes per panel so I need to add 336 universes. I added them as normal in the Falcon player per beagle bone doing U1-U168, channels starting at 1 and the beagle bone 2 universe starting at 169 up to 336 so the beagle bones are set, separate IP addresses and so on, bridge mode so LOR controls them . 

now I go into LOR S5 latest beta and go into network are and add the ip addresses and universes accordingly, open up S5 sequence, add a the 2 props loaded with the dmx channels and save and now LOR barely runs, I hit effect generator and everything is crawling, I cant even sequence. 

Can LOR not handle this? I added all this to XLights and it runs fine but I have so much done in LOR I really want to use it.


thanks for any info and here is a video showing what I did throughout (numbers may be different then above panel wise being im in learning mode)


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