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Clyde McChylo

Need some help - adding CCR

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I know this is a few stupid questions, but i can't seem to find the answers.


I would like to add a CCR with a LOR controller CR150D to my show. We are currently running S5 pro. I know i have a way more advanced software than i need.


Im looking to add a CCR to a sign and all i would like it to do is chase red and green. I know I'm under using the ribbon and the software. 

1 - Can i just add it to the (6)16pc controllers already set up or do i need a second network?

2 - where can i find a good video on how to set this up, and add it to my shows?

3 - If this is all possible i do have CC Bulbs i would like to add as well, am i jumping to far a head?


Sorry for the late questions, we are just getting back in the game after a 3 year low.

Thank you for all your help.

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if your just adding 1 ccr ribbon and controller you don't need a second network for just one ccr   the easy way to sequence the ccr is in the pixel editor.

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