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Pixie 8 Stand Alone Mode Locking up

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I am running a Pixie 8.  I finally have my sequence programed and sent to the board (after many revisions and downloads).  I noticed that my sequence will run ok for a while and repeat (45 second sequence).  After a few minutes however, the pixie 8 will lock up and stop (with lights frozen on after the last command was sent).  I have reloaded the sequence several times and turned off the Pixie 8 off and on several times as well.  I am running a 12 volt system with WS801 from a 30 AMP power supply and at this time, only 100 led's as I am still in a testing phase.  The sequence is set to control 350 led's.


Please help as this is my 1st season and I want to get this "off the ground"

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