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Can't reset G3 controller, what am I doing wrong?

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I have my controller 2 acting up! Channels stop working, several of them, so I thought I would reset the controller!


It won't reset! I followed the manual; turn off unit, move jumper to pins 5/6, power unit up, fast flashing light, power down controller, move jumper back to 4/5, power up, get solid green! At least that's what I think is the correct way.


in the HU I would expect the controller to show up as unit one, that what the manual states. It finds the controller, but it's still unit id 2!


Question; when then the jumper is on pins 5/6 and flashing red fast, do I just unplug the controller or should something else happen. I left in flashing for about 20 seconds.



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Resetting no longer clears the unit ID.


If the light is flashing fast, the reset is complete.  Unplug the unit and return the jumper to the correct position.

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I did that but the HU still is showing it as controller id 2.


Also; I don't know how fast it should do the fast flashing thing. It does it as soon as I plug it in.

Can the controller still be connected to the PC when I do the reset?


Sorry Mike didn't read your post correctly, it DOESN"T change the id! That's good!

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