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I am at a complete loss (Dimming LED anomaly)

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Maybe some experts will post so we know what the real answer is. :rolleyes:  :lol:  :D  :blink:

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Very interesting. I expected the capacitance of the wiring to be insignificant. Since I haven't dissected an LED string is there a capacitor integral to the LED string as part of the power circuit? I know LED lighting bulbs have a capacitor as part of their power supply, just wondering. Great work !! 

I thought the same thing about the wire... Turns out in my case using what someone else gave me for pf value per ft of wire I came up with .0067uf or some such. 


There is no cap integral to the DC circuit that I am able to see. 


The new LED bulbs need that cap.. the Christmas lights.... not so much me thinks. 

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This is what I meant be Non-linear.


In an AC circuit, Linear means that the application of a sinusoidal voltage results in a sinusoidal current. As the instantaneous voltage changes over the period of the sine wave, the instantaneous current rises and falls in proportion to the voltage so that the waveform of the current is also a sine wave.

A rectifier circuit with a capacitor filter is very non-linear. The capacitor is selected so that it remains charged to nearly the peak value of the AC input voltage. When the load is applied, the capacitor discharges. The current is not proportional to the voltage but behaves non-linearly.


The problem does appear to be a capacitance issue and a snubber will "rectify" the problem. Pun intended.

Yes, linear with respect to the wave form it follows.. Very non linear for the DC/LED current with respect to Lumen output for sure..

And yes, it certainly does "rectify" the problem.  LOL 

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