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  2. Good evening everyone! I was going through and testing my lights before installing with no issues when one stand of lights did something to my pixcon 16. I checked the logic fuse and the individual fuses per channel and nothing is blown. The board led lights are good and the board is receiving 12 volts from the power supplies. I have tried different stands in test mode and nothing works. Is there a capacitor or some other fuse I am missing? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Edit: I tried another power supply with no change. My guess is something on the board failed.
  3. My experience with Retail store LED strings has been very sad. I have been lucky to have stings last 5 seasons,(some did not make it past 2) whereas my old incan C9's served me 20+, with just a few bulbs replaced. ( 💡 I remove all bulbs, before I take the strings down. The reverse at season start. this avoids banging the bulbs). LEDS may use less power, but they don't last, even as long as many mini-light strings. That is not $aving anything. The reason: The leads on the LEDS rusted to the point of disintegration 😲. The strings were out in weather about 40 days a season, then brought indoors (living room), to fully dry out with power applied for 24-48 hours. That should have baked them dry. 😕 . Next seasons pretest: fail. Not 1, but many lamps had missing leads when removed. OTOH the Mini's seem to have copper (clad) leads and survive in similar sockets just fine. I have not had LED Bullets, so I have no real stats yet, but these are also Epoxy sealed (I think I have replaced/spliced in, 3 nodes in the last 3 seasons)
  4. From the Help Desk...if you are using Windows 7; [A Light-O-Rama help desk staff member has replied to your request, #47XXXX with the following response: We have recently fixed a bug that only occurs with the 5.3 series of LOR software and Windows 7. The fix will be included with the next LOR software release... but I currently don't have an ETA of how soon that will be. So.... the current workarounds include: Update Windows 7 to Windows 10 or roll back the LOR software to version 5.2.4 found at http://www1.lightorama.com/sequencing-software-download/ Sorry for the hassle. We hope this has sufficiently answered your questions. If not, please login to your account at the address below for a complete archive of all your help desk requests and responses.] Hope this may be of help. I should note that my issue was with LOR Hub not loading or running my sequences. Jim
  5. It depends on what type you're looking for. Replaceable L.E.D. bulbs like in the big box stores {Wal-Mart, Lowes, Home Depot, K-Mart, Sears, Target, At-Home: Formerly known as Garden Ridge, at least in my area.} or sealed {NON-Replaceable} L.E.D. strands which would cost quite a bit more and may/may not last any longer than the big box store brands, and these sealed strands are usually, in most cases, found only online. All depends on what you're looking for, type, etc. as well as cost. Big box stores you may not find single color strands, usually either all blue, all white or multi-color. You might luck out and find some single color strands of other colors, but in all my years of looking in the big box retail stores, it's very rare to find them. Online Christmas Light sellers are where you would find strands of any single color you may want or need Again, these will usually be sealed strands {bulbs are not replaceable} without cutting them out and splice a new bulb {pod} in, requires soldering skills, heat shrink and sealer to weatherproof the soldered connections if a bulb {pod} would need to be replaced in such a strand. Also requires a strand that you would use to cut out a good pod and put in the bad pods spot in the strand. Like stated, just depends on what you want to spend and whether you want easy pull out/push in a new L.E.D. bullb or have to exert a little more work in replacing a bad bulb in a strand. Just check through the forums or look in the vendor area of this forum, there are quite a few Holiday Light Sellers around here. For standard AC L.E.D. strands I usually used the big box stores for my display, but that was just my preference.
  6. I am finding out that I need to replace some of my LED C9 light sets that I have been using since about 2010. Seems like there are a lot of websites that offer lights now. Any recommendation. I am looking for simple LED lights C-9 with a variety of single colors strands (red, blue, green etc), that are somewhat bright that will last for another 10 years like my current sets. Thanks
  7. In 5.3 and higher, you have to play a show to create the playback files, which get created in the LORinternal folder. It takes a long time to create them the first time. Took 2.5 hours for my 50 sequences. Unfortunately after all that I still see 30s to more than a minute between songs. No word from LOR about it, except to use load all sequences before any are played option. Doesn't work either. Still delays.. The only way I know to fix it is to use 5.2.4 for playback, plays perfectly.
  8. All the playback files were supposedly created when each sequence was saved after editing. The show editor listed the newest sequence to play. First sequence plays fine but then at the start of the second, it just stops before it plays anything. I allowed it to sit there about 5 minutes
  9. Did you create all the playback files first time through the show. How long did you give it before you pulled the plug.
  10. S5, latest version as of today, 10/18. I'm having an serious problem with the control panel/show player. It plays the first sequence without issue then stops with a message "Checking" and showing the next sequence in the show. It never goes further. Ideas?
  11. That worked! Thanks everyone. Got one port operational, 15 to go 🙂
  12. Ah awesome, ty! I will try everyone's suggestions 🙂
  13. wanting to open my show with this, this year and was wondering if any one would be willing to share thank you in advance and god bless landonwebster123@gmail.com
  14. any way I could get a copy of this thanks in advance landonwebster123@gmail.com
  15. Yesterday
  16. Help desk informed me that 5.3 series does not play nice with Windows 7 and the LOR Hub...suggested downgrading to 5.2 or upgrade to Windows 10...okay, like I need an unstable Windows too...
  17. Ah awesome, ty! I will try everyone's suggestions 🙂
  18. I also bought these SMART PIXEL BULBS, Works great on my Pixcon 16's and with the CCB100 controller, just a single issue on a CCB controller showing the wrong color on the second port. These should work just fine on your pixie board. Ignored is good.
  19. All pixels in the LOR clearance store are WS2801 four wire.
  20. My experience is these work on a pixcon 16...should be similar on the pixie...same type board connectors. The WS2801 are 4 wire smart pixels, 5volts only.
  21. I don't know about these particular pixels, but there ARE 4 wire smart pixels out there.
  22. Pinout of the CCB 100 pigtail, aka dangle. Double click for full image. Hope that is helpful. Jim
  23. 50 RGB Bulbs per string - 6" Spacing Green wire and connectors IP68 rating for outdoor use Voltage = 5V Pixels are 4 wire - WS2801 controlled Can be controlled by Pixie4, Pixie8, Pixie16 and Pixcon16 devices Compatible with the Cosmic Color Pixel Controller Dangle included for each string First of all,they are 5V, There are tricks you need to do to get a Pixie (the board) to run. Then you have to use the HU to set the Pixel type to W2801. THAT APPLIES TO THE WHOLE BOARD. The Diagram for the wires are near the bottom of http://www1.lightorama.com/PDF/ConnectingPixelsToPixelControllers.pdf
  24. I had to delete all my props in my viz file in order to get a good sequence. When i had the props, it would only sequence the first item in the prop and not any of the other models. Any idea why that was?
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