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Error saving music file to sequence

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I run my show on a computer running windows 10 Pro 64-bit and have run into an error while saving a sequence's music file. This particular sequence would not load the music file for the show and so it would not play during the show. When I go into the sequence and try to update the media file and save it I receive the error:  AdjMmsEng: Cannot create tag engine. After selecting OK, the sequence editor continues to try to convert the media file and then closes out of the program. I do not have issues with any other sequence and all the other sequences have the same media file location. What can I do to resolve this? It is only one sequence so the show still runs but I have never seen this error before and would like to know how to fix the issue.

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Two things to try. Use Audacity or another audio file editor.

Convert the audio file to .WAV. If you are using a director you HAVE to use mp3 of course.

Download it again and make sure it's Constant Bit Rate in Audacity.

Sounds like a corrupt media file.

Also make sure it's the same length as the sequence.

OK, that's three things.

As an aside, all I use is WAV files, saves a lot of hassle with mp3. No director here.



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Also if using Audacity make sure the Project Rate in the lower left corner is 44100Hz. I have noticed that some I get from Amazon are 48000 and LOR will not load them until I convert them.

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