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Glitching on Megatree Only Superstar Effects

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Hello everyone, I'm hoping that someone can answer this one cause I can't figure out why this is happening. 

I'm getting a very "glitchy" effects on my megatree, which is all done in Superstar for this year. I've run a test sequence through Pixel Editor to see if i get the same glitch and the PE effects come out nice w/ no glitching.

My mega tree has 16 strands of 100 pixels in each strand. I have the 40CCR Pro license level on S4, 4.4.2. 

i am using the enhanced network speeds. The Superstar configuration is set to 100 pixels, and the Pixie16 controller is also set to 100 pixels. 

I save the intensity data into the original SE file to keep the file sizes down as well. 

The firmware version is 1.01 and unfortunately I have to ship these into LOR to get the firmware updated as the HU won't do it on the particular model of Pixie16 i have, but i can't do that till after the holidays. 

I'm not sure if the firmware version is the issue or not but i'm hoping a Superstar expert can help me w/ this issue. I don't have any videos to post yet but will soon if need be. 

Thx in advance. 

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Do you have the Mega Tree channels in Sequence Editor?


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I'm beginning to believe it's a bug in the SuperStar software.  They need to contact Brian Bruder{sp?/correct last name?}, the creator of the SuperStar software and let him know this is occurring.  As I think they've found a bug in the SS program, as it's only happening in SS and nothing else.

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